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Handcrafted African Kente Stoles

We can also personalize any of these items with the lettering, patterns and colors of your choice! Each color and fabric has a rich and associated meaning, as each color and pattern possesses a significant motif. After several centuries, weaving still remains an art form inspired by nature, reflecting some of the most vibrant and ancient craft traditions in the world. More important, we work directly with all our manufacturers to ensure that you receive a high-quality product, and that the artisans are fairly compensated for their efforts.

Volume Discounts available! Stoles are now available in your choice of colors, patterns and symbols. We carry the widest selection of quality handcrafted stoles available. Click here to download our sketch form!

When you order fifty-five (55) or more stoles, your order is sent to you ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

When you order forty-one (41) or more stoles, personalization is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Customized Orders and volume discounts are also available for your school, church group, choir, fraternity, sorority or organization! Browse our site, and then contact us. We can customize ANY item in your favorite letters, colors and patterns!

Purchase Orders, Checks, Money Orders accepted.

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3015 E. New York Street Suite A2, No. 129

Aurora, IL 60502-5165
TEL: 1-800-64-KENTE *  FAX: (630) 978-1174


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